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Corporate benefits of web Video Promotion

Benefits of Video Promotion

Web videos are the best form of promotion, Vivid will prove it!

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You are on our website, so therefore you might already know a good reason for wanting to make a web video. If not, please let me elaborate. There are so many benefits of video promotion. Put simply, video content is best way to demonstrate your product or service, quickly and effectively. Below is a list of 10 (there are more) excellent reasons to persuade the money people. If you are still not convinced why not speak to a member of the team to get the full lowdown.

Corporate benefits of web Video Promotion

Key benefits of video >

Showcase everything

A video will quickly showcase your business, products, services, people, and clients. Everything. Why slowly tell potential clients about why your business is great, when you can visually show them everything in under 2 minutes?

It goes everywhere

Video is brilliant. I could leave it there, but I won’t. With this new age of online and offline promotional channels, video can seamlessly work in every marketing channel. Another way of looking at video promotion is, wherever there is a screen, a video can be played. Take a moment, to think about the potential for your company’s promotional capabilities. Heard of a new buzz about mobile, video promotion was made for this application.

Reinforce your marketing objectives

Web videos increase the customer’s intent to buy your products. They also increase brand awareness and at the same time increase your message association. Video promotion can quickly summarise your company and it’s messages and because it works in so many different channels it can be used across the board to reinforce your whole marketing/promotional strategy.

Quick to the point no faking

There is nothing quicker than a video (produced by Vivid of course, no pale imitations please), to get your message over to potential customers. Video can quickly demonstrate to your potential customers: Who you are? What you do? Why they should choose your business? Give your customers the right information, quickly and effectively.

247365 - Remember that number

Video is like the Terminator of promotion. Your video will always be there, constantly selling for your business no matter what, 24 hours per day, forever and all for a one off fee. Therefore your video is 247365 all over the world, all the time. Are there many other forms of promotion that can offer this?

The answer to the universe…44%

I know we sound like one of those cold callers, but who does not want an increase in sales. On page product videos have been shown to increase sales by, yes you have guessed it… 44% to 80% (Real SEO). Simple really, here is a product you might want to buy. Here is a video quickly explaining/demonstrating core features or here is just a picture with some accompanying text. Where would you feel more confident buying from?

SEO benefits

“It will get you to the top of page 1 for everything.” Wait we are a video production company not a shady SEO operation. It might get you on to page 1 (a website with video content is 20 times more likely than a website without video to be on the 1st page) but what it will definitely do, is be a fundamental element of your overall SEO strategy.

Brings your website to life

Unless you like generic or badly taken photos and what can be reams of text, you have to admit, a short and well produced video can drastically change the dynamics of your website. Make your website something to be proud of, give the viewer the choice of how they want to digest the information, or give the person who does not like reading, the chance to understand your business in under 2 minutes. Videos can be edited to provide a series of videos that can be placed not only across your website, but across the internet in general.

What is the answer to 99/100 questions?

Money. The increase of customers you will receive due to the video, will lead to increased sales and therefore more money. Money you can reinvest back into your business or if you fancy, go and buy new shiny things with.

Reaffirm life itself

Yes it will.* (*disclaimer we can’t guarantee this but it looks impressive).  OK, it won’t reaffirm life itself, but what it will do, is become a core component of your overall marketing and promotional strategy.

Give Vivid a call

The Vivid team, is always on hand to have a chat with a client who is unsure how video will work for them. So call 0161 447 2404 and a member of the team will spend as much time as you require, helping you to understand the promotional channels available to you and how video promotion will work for your business.