“We like to talk about ourselves!”

Vivid Photo Visual's new Homepage

Vivid Photo Visual’s new Homepage, clean and clutter free

Well here we are, after 4 years of the previous website, it is time for a fresh new look for Vivid. Our previous website had served Vivid well over the years but with the changing style and function of our competitors’ websites, we felt that ours was starting to look a bit dated.

To the research cave

When we looked over our competitors’ websites we felt they were all basically the same scrolling parallax website with a slightly different colour/theme. We wanted something that would stand out from the crowd. When conducting our research it became very apparent that there were too many identikit websites. Avoiding this was going to be the defining basis for our website design and style.

The basis of this was a simple concept. Vivid know that we can compete, if not better our rivals on video content, client base, services offered and of course price. So if a customer was going to visit a series of websites we wanted ours to be remembered for the above parameters. We wanted our website to be distinguished by our branding and the website’s visual impact.

Too many cooks…

There were many good things about our previous website. The biggest problem with it was that it was becoming too cluttered, as we had tried to throw everything into the limited space. The website was becoming unwieldily and we wanted to move to a more simplified website. This still had to provide the pertinent information quickly. The approach we took with this was to look at the website design from a customers perspective. What information did they need to make an informed decision about our business offering? Take for example our previous homepage. It had a showreel, client testimonials, benefits section, large amounts of text split over two boxes and two menus pointing to the same information. If you look at our current homepage, it has an image which flows into a short 10 second trailer video (with no sound) that if the viewer chooses to click on will display the main showreel for the business. The customer might at this point choose to phone/email the Vivid team. If they require further information, they can navigate our simple menu to the right. On what we call the hero page (a main service offering like time-lapse video production page),  we had so much clutter that it hid the important messages about Vivid.

Hero Page Video Examples

This led to the following simplified page structure:

  1. Hero page showreel – Video
  2. Copy explaining service
  3. Benefits
  4. Video examples – Video
  5. Casestudy
  6. Link to the respective blog category.

This did leave Vivid with a problem. All the information that we had built up over the years on our previous website would be lost. We then thought up a way around this. Each YouTube based video would have a simple overlay that would allow the viewer to click from the video onto the respective blog title. This way would allow the viewer to watch the video and if more information was required, a short blog would provide greater dept to the project.

Vivid Photo Visual's new Blog

Vivid Photo Visual’s new Blog

Style Decisions

Due to our name and previous website, we could not go with a flat and uninspiring style. Our brand had to leap out at the viewer and this is where Creative Spinach came to help. They know Vivid well, having worked together on previous projects and by actually designing the previous iteration of the website. They did what they do best and set to work scouring their creative brains looking for a design that would stand out. The 3 c’s approach was demanded by Vivid (clean, colourful and clutter free) and this would have to be carried through to the final website.

Function of website

Vivid Photo Visual's new Client page

Vivid Photo Visual’s new Client page using Gifs

We wanted to make the website as interactive as possible and as we are a video production company, the use of video is key. We wanted to give the viewer a quick insight into our work for our clients, so we incorporated animated Gifs into a selection of the boxes. For example on our client page, instead of just having a flat client logo, the viewer can hover over the client logo to reveal an animated Gif and some basic information about the project.

One of the other drivers of the new website was the need for a functional mobile version. With website usage moving towards mobile platforms and Google’s search engine highlighting its importance, it was a key factor that pushed Vivid into this arena. We believe that our web designer has packed all the content and features of the desktop version into such a small space. We feel confident that users will navigate the condensed pages with ease.

It’s only words…

Vivid Photo Visual's new About Us page

Vivid Photo Visual’s new About Us page telling our story

With this vibrant new look, we needed a fresh new approach to the copy on the website. Falling back on our research of competitors and other website, we were dismayed by the boring paragraphs of text (that no one really reads) used in the copy and strived for something of a different vibe. Whilst we are a very professional company, we wanted a humorous take on the copy that would hopefully make the viewer smile but at the same time get over our core messages, quickly and effectively.

Final thoughts

Vivid are really happy with the final website and have already received some great feedback from clients and well wishers. You think that designing and building your website is a quick process and forget about how much goes into each stage. Therefore do not expect a new website for some time. Vivid would very much welcome any comments and feedback no matter how negative.

If you would like to find out more about our video production service, well I suppose, visit Vivid Photo Visual’s new website or contact a member of the Vivid team on  0161 477 2404.