“Recycling video is good for your business environment!”

For this edition of the blog, we wanted to show how you can use existing footage/content and change it to produce new content. A few years ago whilst planning for the Manchester Business Show at the Manchester Central Arena, the team came up with the simple concept of using eye-catching animal images to provide a visual hook/theme to our stand. This included 8-foot images of tarantulas and chameleons with the usual play on words to accompany the images. We also had two iMacs set-up at the front with a simple video showing the animals in motion and then a graphic to show an aspect of our skill set. The images and videos certainly did their part and the tradeshow was a resounding success.

Bearded Dragon - Pogona vitticeps by Vivid Photo Visual

We filmed and photographed the various animals in our studio in Stockport. We were very fortunate to meet a couple of people that were passionate about spiders and reptiles and were very keen to help us with our project. It was a very enjoyable shoot, having a Tarantula climb onto your camera or a Milk Snake lick your hand is not everyones idea of fun, but we loved it.

Yemen Chameleon – Chamaeleo calyptratus by Vivid Photo Visual

For the next 3 years, we did nothing with the footage until now. By using the best of the footage, placing a new objective to the video and creating new motion graphics, the video has a new lease of life.

Why should we do this?

1. Showcases our filming and graphics animation capabilities
2. Allows for branding to be shown
3. Allows for a video that will be watched because of people’s interest in the subject
4. Provides another strong piece of online content, that can be used to complement our SEO strategy
5. Creative piece that could be used to attract people to our website

Red Iguana by Vivid Photo Visual

It is for these reasons that Vivid always recommend additional edits/videos when we are commissioned by a client. Each of these extra videos play their own part in improving the companies marketing and SEO performance, by adding relevant key words and tags to each one. We have had clients that have come back to us, months or even years since producing a video for them to produce an updated edit. Either by filming new additional footage for new aspects of their company or just re-working the footage from the initial film.

Red Kneed Tarantula – Brachypelma smithi by Vivid Photo Visual

To watch our short video containing a few of the animals we filmed, please click below.

Reptile Video