“Question and answer videos are the future!”

Video promotion – Helping your Customers

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What do your customers want? They obviously want a good product/service for their money. At the same time they want to be confident in their purchasing decision. They want any questions that they might have, to be answered.  YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world. It can quickly and visually answer any questions a user might have, from the correct way to clean spark plugs to difficult accountancy questions. To start with, you have a product/service video (hopefully produced by Vivid), that demonstrates the key features and benefits of your products/services. You then need to have a series of videos that not only answer their questions, but help them understand more about the products and services you offer. This can be complemented by further videos in a multi-layered promotional approach. This will either gain or cement the customer in the buying process. 

Help your Customers

Answered questions aid and make clear the viewer’s buying process. This is achieved by giving them the information they require and therefore the confidence in their decision. This is the reason why it should be your business that answers their questions. Using video for this form of promotion allows for a more in-depth amount of information to be given. Also any topic can be discussed or demonstrated. Please bear in mind that it does not have to be solely used for external communication/promotion. This type of video can be used to communicate with staff members or key shareholders on business functions/performance or training. Using this type of video means that anyone in the world, can at any time, access the information. Basically, whenever someone has a question, a video can provide the answer.

Putting our Money where our Mouth is

Vivid have recently linked up with Sport Injury Clinic Physiotherapy (SICP) to provide a series of short videos that clearly demonstrate certain exercises used to aid recovery. This series of video Q&As, have several benefits for our client.

Here is a selection:

  • The videos can easily be placed on a website and act as a help guide for customers
  • Provides SICP with videos they can direct their customers to and this will allow for an accurate educational platform for their injury development
  • Positions SICP as an expert in their industry
  • Video will pull potential customers to their website
  • YouTube users with a question will be able use the YouTube search engine and these videos will be able to answer their problem. This will only increase awareness of the SICP’s services
  • Easy to share on social media
  • Long life when compared with other promotional materials
  • The video is SICP branded.

Video Promotion Q&A Best practices

1 – Choose your objective

What are the best ways to implement this type of video? The first issue is to finalise what is the objective/s of the video. Without a true understanding of the objectives, the video produced might not be able to provide all the information. It could be that your sales team are constantly asked the same 10 questions. If you can answer these prior to the point of contact, then you are already working on a softer enquiry. Therefore the potential customer should make for an easier sales conversion. Please take a moment to consider the potential cost savings to your sales process.

2 – Content

What is the question that potential customers keep asking? How do we answer this? Ascertaining what is the best content to provide the best answer is obviously the key to this style of video promotion. This stage should involve meeting with key members of staff and formulating the best answer. Ask yourself what information is required and what information is necessary, and then trim down to get a fully realised answer. Bringing in as many key staff members as possible, should make sure that all aspects of the business have been consulted to make sure that nothing is missed.

On the flip side of this, the video does not have to be directly related to your business, but if it provides an answer that someone is looking for, then it’s purpose has been realised. This purpose could be from an S.E.O perspective, where the video will be used to provide increased interaction with your social media channels and website. It might be from a purely branded perspective, to directly pull a customer to a particular part of your website Save or just to have your brand name noticed.

3 – Type of video used

Once the objective and content stages have been completed, you have to pick which style of video (product/demo/presenter/animation etc) you would like to use. Both budget and required application will play a big part in the selection of the video format.

What has to be appreciated is that is does not have to be produced on a big budget. You could simply record someone in their place of work, talking about a particular subject, recorded on a smart phone. Whilst this can be suitable for this type of video promotion, please bear in mind your brand image. As I am sure you are aware any sort of external/internal communication, should reflect your brand value and image. Equally you could come into our studio and get the videos professionally recorded and edited (with or without a presenter) to give that extra level of production value. This way would certainly alleviate the stress and time taken to do your own production and editing and provide the right video to complement and enhance your company’s brand values.

4 – Length of the video

The quicker the video the better, but that can be said about any type of video promotion. That is not to say that you can not produce a long video. A video has to be the length to get across all the pertinent information that can answer the question correctly. So if that means a 20 minute video, so be it.

Vivid produced several health and beauty videos that went over 20 minutes, but because these are in-depth guides, the videos are extremely well received and have had well over 15 million views. As with any video, you have to ascertain what is the overall objective of the video and what information is needed to be displayed. This is obviously something that Vivid would help with.

Video Promotion

There are so many positives to come out of this type of video promotion, we have even had our clients say that their competitors have pointed their customers to our clients (branded) videos. A potential customer has a question, make sure you business is the one to answer it.

Vivid can obviously help with every stage of this process. To find out more about video promotion, please view our video promotion and service page or why not speak to a member of the Vivid team on 0161 477 2404.