“Gordons a-live!”

Vivid Photo Visual’s new Website

Well we haven’t blogged for a while, a slap on the wrist is due! But since the last blog we have been busy finishing our new and improved website. Initially we set out to update a few areas of the site. This snowballed into the whole site being designed and rebuilt from scratch. It was a long and arduous process but definitely worth it.

What is good Website Design?

A quote to start off proceedings;

“Web design can be deceptively difficult, as it involves achieving a design that is both usable and pleasing, delivers information and builds brand, is technically sound and visually coherent”.
9 Essential Principles for Good Web Design

Concept to Completion

These simple ideas are what defined our experience from concept to completion. It was very important to us that it was not about how great Vivid was. It was important to show our prospective clients the benefits of video promotion. I think this can be seen clearly within the design of the website. As a video promotion company, it was essential that we used video to showcase our services and to clearly explain the overall benefits to the client.

If we were going to move on from the current website, we thought it would be important to expand the functionality of the website. The Vivid team spent quite some time researching other websites to see what was the modern practical approach to website design. Falling back on the work that had gone on for the branding and image of the previous website, we knew we wanted a vibrant image to be portrayed by the website. We do have Vivid in our name.

Vivid’s Design Parameters

After many design sessions/organised arguments, Vivid team came up with several parameters of website design for our new website. These were:

  • Easy to navigate
  • Structured website design – everything in the correct place
  • Informative
  • Showcases our work
  • Link to major video channels for Video SEO benefits
  • Jpegs used for Alt tags and to cover the horrible YouTube images
  • Video running throughout the website

We wanted to make sure that all out video production services were covered:

We teamed up with the Spinach Graphic Design team. They took our initial thoughts and muses and created a series of Mood Boards and basic concepts. We wanted to keep our ‘Vivid’ colour scheme. It was also important ti make the layout and navigation be user friendly, as well as incorporate a lot more content . Their final designs echoed their usual high standards. They showed a true understanding of our aims in terms of not only branding, but also content, structure. They truly captured the essence of what Vivid are about.

Early website structure…..
Video Production Manchester

Colour Codes

Content is King

Another must for our new website was for it to have a full content management system. This would allow the Vivid team to have full control over updates and content. This is something which we didn’t have on our existing site. We also wanted to be certain that our designs could be converted into a website, and still offer us the control we required.

Great design needs great implementation and there was only one company we wanted to work with. So from our first meeting with Spinach we also brought a representative from Daemon Designs the web design company we had chosen to use. We have worked with the Daemon Design team on other occasions. We knew that when we wanted to update our site, they would be company to do it.

It was important to bring the separate design teams together, so that they could work more closely throughout the project.

Finishing line…..

We love Feedback

We love the finished website and are already seeing the benefits from various angles. We have had numerous positive comments regarding it’s look and design, as well as improved SEO through the increased and improved content on the site.

Surprisingly, in our first month we have already beaten our month’s greatest new visitors total (even with a whole week of data missing and with no email marketing support), as you can imagine, this has lead to an increased number of leads for Vivid to can act on. So the hard work, the tears and the arguments have all been worth it and we look forward to our website serving Vivid for a long time to come.

We would like to thank everyone’s hard work in this project. Every team made sure we had the best website possible, including Spinach Design, Daemon Designs and my mum for externally proof reading 20,000 words, only mums would do this.

If you would like to find out more about the video production services that Vivid offer, please view our overall video production page.