Finally after a 2-year wait we got back on Sky News. This was to do with our recent award winning time-lapse video for Virgin Atlantic.

Our footage on Sky News HD

Richard is calling

Last month we were very excited to receive a phone call from Virgin Atlantic, a subsidiary of the Virgin Group. Sadly it wasn’t Sir Richard “smiley man with a beard” Branson who was on the line, but their Producer of OnBoard Media.

Virgin Atlantic had seen a recent time-lapse video that we had produced for Air Livery – a Manchester Airport based aircraft repainting Company. Virgin required a film of a similar ilk to showcase and launch their new livery (paint scheme) to be shown at a press conference at the end of July.

What is a Time-lapse Video?

For those not familiar with the concept of a time-lapse film. It is a cinematography technique whereby each film frame is captured at a rate much slower than it will be played back. In this case we took frames every 90 seconds over a duration of 15 days.

Graham in position waiting for the Virgin Atlantic 747-400

How we shot the Time-lapse Video

We positioned 4 cameras overlooking the plane and set them to take a single picture every minute and a half. Using this technique we were able to film the repainting of the plane over 15 days. This was then sped up, so the entire film takes less then 4 minutes. We also moved some of the cameras during the process, so in total we used around 9 angles. If it takes 25 pictures to make 1 second of finished film, then by my rough calculations, we took in the region of 60,000 frames in total! Also just to give that extra spice we added some HD filming for the close up shots, which we feel really brought the film to life.

‘Mustang Sally’ preparing for her make-over

Due to the tight timescales that we were up against Vivid were putting in some late shifts so we could meet the client’s deadline.

And here Vivid are on the Virgin Atlantic site

Please click on the following link to see the Time-Lapse we shot for Virgin.


We are really proud of the film that we outputted, and Vivid know that it was an important aspect of the new livery’s launch for Virgin Atlantic. We are also proud that such a prestigious company would choose Vivid Photo Visual for their video promotional material. If you would like to view Virgin Atlantic’s press release, please click to visit the Virgin Atlantic Blog post.

After 15 days ‘Mustang Sally’ looks stunning!

We wish Virgin Atlantic well for the future and I am sure that you will all agree the new Livery looks stunning and really compliments not only Virgin Atlantic but the overall Virgin brand. If you would to find out about our time-lapse video service, please visit our time-lapse production page.