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Time-lapse video: A unique and powerful solution

The time-lapse video, is one of the more technical services we offer. Time-lapse videos are a brilliant way of capturing the events happening over hours, days, weeks or even months! They create a truly unique type of video and is a great way to create a record of an event/process over a set and long period of time. Time-lapse video captures viewers attention and has provided our clients with an innovative promotional tool to demonstrate their products or services.

Liverpool Skyline - Building Photography - Time-lapse Video - Vivid Photo Visual

Liverpool Skyline – Building Photography – Time-lapse Video – Vivid Photo Visual

 Time-Lapse Video Production

With Time-lapse videos, processes that would normally be very subtle can come alive using this process. Equally if you have a process that takes a long time to complete, a standard video might be considered a dull way to show this process. Utilising this technique can make almost anything seem graceful and interesting. It can actually show the whole process in its entirety rather than the snippets captured using more traditional filming techniques. It is also a great way to highlight important business messages that have large scale parameters.

Time-lapse traditionally is a continuous process with a fixed camera, which obviously has its place. Vivid on the other hand, where possible, prefer to use multiple camera angles. This has the added advantage of allowing the camera point to move to different sections of the process at key times. Often within a given process there are certain sub-sections that can happen very quickly. Fixed camera set-ups programmed at longer time intervals may miss these. Where applicable, Vivid will also film HD footage of these sections and speed them up in the edit, to give the same look and feel to the rest of the time-lapse.

We have used the time-lapse technique for many different scenarios, including; aircraft repaints, construction, demolition, event build-ups, nature documentaries and street scenes for both company and agency footage.

Benefits of Time-lapse Video

  • Innovative promotional video
  • Captures a long process and condenses into a short video
  • Great audience response
  • Great audience social share.

Don’t just take Vivid’s word, visit the Matador network for their take on time-lapse video production.

Below is an example of what Vivid Photo Visual did for Four Seasons.

If you would like to find out more about our time-lapse video service, please visit out time-lapse video production page or to view more blogs go to our time-lapse video blog. Please call 0161 477 2404 to discuss any questions or ideas with a member of the Vivid team.