“Simply having a wonderful Christmas time-lapse video!”

It’s nearly Christmas and Vivid were feeling all festive in our Old Bank, so we decided it was time to create a Christmas inspired video. We moved into The Old Bank back in July and we wanted a video that would show a glimpse inside our quirky studio, as well as offering something festive.

The Old Bank is a mock Tudor building and is Grade II listed. It retains many of it’s original features including large vault and a beautiful wood paneled lobby. We wanted the building to be the main focus of our video.

Through a chance meeting with an old friend from school outside The Old Bank, we came up with a concept for a festive video. Antonio Subirats or ‘Subi’ to his friends, is now an acclaimed local artist, and although it had been over 20 years since we last saw each other, we agreed neither of us had changed a bit…honest.

Stockport based artist Antonio Subrats - by Vivid Photo Visual

The concept for our Christmas video was in two parts. Firstly to incorporate a brief first person walk through of the building. This would show a few areas of the Bank and the day to day comings and goings within it. The final section would be through the eyes of Antonio which would then progress into the second part of the video. The second section of the video would be a time-lapse of Antonio creating a pastel drawing of the outside of The Old Bank. The finished drawing would then be altered to give it the Christmas feel, with lights, snow, tree and my son peering out of the window.

During the walk through introduction we were fortunately joined by Manchester based model Laura Jo, who although is used to having her photograph taken, did a great job of doing a little acting. As we had a little time spare during the painting creation, I managed to take a few portraits of Laura in the upstairs room of the building that has a lovely old stained glass window.

Manchester based model Laura Jo - by Vivid Photo Visual

The logistics of producing the time-lapse section was the hardest aspect of the video. Antonio knew he would need between 5-6 hours to produce the drawing, and we needed at least 2 cameras that would be able to see as much of the canvas as possible. The cameras would need to not hinder him at work, so we chose to have one on a raised boom arm high above the artist, with a second positioned to the side. This approach allowed for angles to be changed within the edit, we also filmed other sections in HD that could be added within additional edits…watch this space.

The Old Bank by Stockport artist Antonio Subirats - Vivid Photo Visual

So from all the team at Vivid we wish you all a very merry Christmas and a wonderful New Year. Thanks again to all our clients new and old for their business this year.

Please watch our Christmas video featuring the work of Antonio. It’s fun to watch and the final drawing hopefully will give you that warm Christmas feeling.

To see more of his artwork, please check out Antonio Subirats’ website.