“Manchester covered via the time-lapse technique!”

Jägermeister Time-lapse Video

It seems recently we’ve been talking about time-lapse videos quite a lot. It makes sense as one of our core service offerings is time-lapse video production. So it seems only right that we continue to do so, with a couple more time-lapse videos that Vivid Photo Visual have produced.

The first is a time-lapse Vivid produced for Jägermeister of a huge advertising billboard being erected promoting their ‘Give it a shot‘ campaign.

"Give it a Shot" Promotional Shot from Jägermeister UK Newsroom

“Give it a Shot” Time-lapse Video

Early Start

The advert was installed on the side of an old warehouse on Canal Street in heart of Manchester. It was a very early start for the Vivid team. So early in fact that there were still plenty of party people leaving the clubs around the Village. We used 2 cameras for the shoot from opposite sides of the building. A third camera was used to provide footage for additional angles. The early hour and weather weren’t really on our side for time-lapse but we still managed to produce a great video.

Vivid’s Studio Time-lapse

The second video is just a bit of fun. Vivid Photo Visual fairly recently moved into The Old Bank in Shaw Heath, Stockport. The first thing we did was have a large infinity cove constructed within the studio, which enables us to produce product videos and photography. We thought it would be a fun idea to set a couple of cameras up to capture the event.


It is projects like these that really show how versatile time-lapse videos can be. We have a few more time-lapse projects lined up in the near future so keep dropping by our website for the latest news.

About Vivid Photo Visual

Vivid Photo Visual is based in Manchester and is a leading producer of time-lapse video production. We provide innovative and eye catching time-lapse video production to really capture the process.

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