“What a way to celebrate your birthday!”

Germania is a leading German airline, flying to Europe, North Africa and the Middle East from it’s headquarters in Berlin. They were producing a bold new design for their 30th Anniversary. Germania wanted a video that was going to showcase this event for their ever expanding social media audience. Being time-lapse experts with one of our specialties lying in aircraft new livery videos, Germania approached Vivid to produce a video to mark this special occasion.

Production process

Painting the top of the Fuselage

Painting the top of the Fuselage – Time-lapse of Germania plane

Filming took place at Air Livery’s East Midland airport facility and production lasted 7 days. It was a relatively complex livery scheme, with duel contrasting green colours spanning the fuselage. We fixed our banker camera that would capture the whole process. At Vivid, we like to delve into the finer detail. We then had around 6-7 cameras running to capture the more intricate jobs and to provide greater depth to the production process. This was backed up with High Definition filming of key areas, that could not be time-lapsed due to the short duration of the particular task. In the editing process we stitched all the stills together and spliced the video footage into the final edit.

Time-lapse videos working in Social Media

Germania's Facebook page

Germania’s Facebook page

Germania have an extensive social media network with which they communicate their business messages on a daily basis. They really understand the power that video promotion can have on social media. They have been actively using the video to increase customer interaction. Their aim is to build brand awareness and converting likes and views from their social media channels to their main website.

It was a joy to work with the Germania team and to produce them a video that would be one of the main promotional tools to mark this special occasion.

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