“A well used time-lapse camera!”

I thought I’d write a very quick blog about the shutter count one of our Canon EOS 5D Mark II. Recently one of our cameras finally stopped working with a shutter failure. I was interested to see just how many photographs the camera had taken. There are numerous programs out there that you can use. As I’m a Mac user I decided to download an App from the App Store. After reading various reviews and feedback I decided on Shutter Count by DIRE Studio

I knew the camera had had a good life as we’d used it hard over the years but I still couldn’t believe the shutter count.

Canon EOS 5D Mark II shutter count…1 million+ actuations?

Canon give a life expectancy for the shutters on the non 1D series bodies is approx. 150,000 actuations. Having researched a little further online it seems the average is around 169,ooo actuations. As you can see our 5D mk2 has had well over 1 million shutter actuations! We do shoot a lot of time-lapse videos which certainly increases the amount of shots taken with a camera and it’s good knowing that we use cameras that will go above and beyond their supposed limits.

Thankfully we still have a lot more Canon bodies to keep us going. Let’s hope that the replacement for this particular camera lasts as long as its predecessor.

In memory of our trusty 5Dii here are a few of the time-lapses it has been involved in, check out our time-lapse showreel. Thanks for the memories…