“What a nice bear!”

Product Video for a famous Bear

When we received a phone call to produce some product videos, initially we didn’t realise they would feature one of the UK’s best know action heroes. The one and only Bear Grylls!

The company was Craghoppers who produce and distribute a full range of outdoor clothing for Bear, here in the UK and around the globe.

Graham was even more impressed. He could wear his new Bear Grylls jacket, that he thought was sure to earn him some brownie points. I think this photo proves it did.

Bear points to Graham in admiration…

Glen on the other hand thought his charm and wit would win Bear over. It didn’t and I don’t think his Berghaus jacket helped either.

Arm round Graham, disappointed by Glen.

So down to the job in hand. Craghoppers and Bear wanted a series of short product videos that would showcase some of the main features from each garment. The videos would then be used across many promotional channels to push the Bear Grylls products.

Working with a Pro

Bear was great to work with, obviously relaxed in front of the camera as well as very passionate about his Craghopper products. We needed to move quickly as Bear is a very busy person. We’d pre set-up the scene in the area provided in Bear’s equipment room. We shot with a 3 camera set, that allowed for as few takes as possible, giving us 3 angles to cut to.


The look and feel changed slightly during the edit. We added in some location footage, and grading with various effects. We also added an animated title screen. This was to match the look and feel of other products within the Bear Grylls brand.

In between takes I managed to take a couple of impromptu stills of Bear, and with a bit of post editing produced the following image.

Graham’s gritty Bear Grylls photo

Final Thoughts

The finished videos have just been uploaded to the Craghoppers YouTube channel. So feel free to have a watch. I can honestly say that the Bear Grylls clothing is brilliant. Being a bit of a wildlife photography geek (Glen’s words not mine!) it’s tough and hard wearing, like me (my words not Glen’s!)

We were really pleased to work with such a prestigious brand as Craghoppers and such a well known celebrity as Bear. We look forward to working with them in the future, where we can produce some more web videos for them.

Graghoppers and Bear Grylls now have a great online presence with these product videos that will generate both traffic and sales through their website.

If you would like some more information on Vivid’s product video service offering, please visit our product video page.