“Video production instrumental in promotion!”

Turnkey Instruments are a leading manufacturer and supplier of technical measuring instruments to the UK and the world. As part of a series of videos, Vivid produced a company profile, product demonstration videos and an accompanying product video. You my ask why produce a series of product demonstration and product videos, the answer is a product demonstration video shows the practical use (demonstration) of the product in its environment and a product video is considered more a fact sheet to show what the product is used for.

Showcasing products and driving web traffic

The videos would show the different instruments against a clinical background. Each video is used to demonstrate the dimension and scale of the product. It also quickly shows quality and finish of the unit and at the end a bulleted graphical overview highlighted the key features of each of the instruments. A call to action would be at the end to direct the viewer to the website.

Turnkey Instruments' Dustmate

Turnkey Instruments’ Dustmate

The whole range was covered and it provided a different style of video to the product demonstration videos, which had a more specific function. One of the purposes of these videos is to provide a greater online presence. If a potential buyer is on the second biggest search engine (YouTube) is searching for particular instrument, then Turnkey can capture that potential customer and pull them over to their website. Turnkey will have a sales channel complementing their other sales channels/website and at no extra cost.

Close up details of Turnkey Instruments' Dustmate

Close up details of Turnkey Instruments’ Dustmate

The benefits of the product videos for Turnkey:

  • Increased understanding of product
  • Greater online presence
  • Numerous areas to catch prospective customers
  • Videos can be viewed anywhere in the world
  • Aids and complements SEO strategy
  • Numerous promotional channels
  • Flexibility for both online and off promotional opportunities
  • Showed Turnkey’s expertise.
Text can be added to showcase product specifications

Text can be added to showcase product specifications

Vivid enjoyed working with the Turnkey Instruments team and helping shape their promotional campaign. The videos are still being used today and have helped their customers understanding of Turnkey’s products. If you would like to find out more about our product video service, please visit out product video page or view more blogs on product videos. You can of course contact a member of the Vivid team if you have question or ideas on 0161 477 2404.