Sunjunkie – How to apply a spray tan

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Sunjunkie is a designer, manufacturer and developer of the high profile Sunjunkie brand of spray tanning solutions, equipment and retail range. They supply to the commercial and domestic spray tan industries.

Sunjunkie How to apply a spray tan, full length shot
Sunjunkie How to apply a spray tan, full length shot

SunJunkie needed a way to show their customers the correct way to use their spray station. The most obvious way to do this, was with a product demonstration video. There are numerous spray tan application videos online, but 99% of them are of a very poor quality. Some of these poor quality videos were linked with reputable suppliers and Sunjunkie/Vivid felt that this had a negative impact on their brand. Sunjunkie wanted to produce a video that complemented and aided their comprehensive branding strategy that was already in place.

Sunjunkie Spray Gun close-up
Sunjunkie Spray Gun close-up

Our methodology

Working closely with Sunjunkie, our objective was to produce a video that clearly demonstrated a step-by-step guide to the spray tan process. The video would breakdown each element of the process and provide expert guidance to the viewer to give them a complete guide. At the same time, it was important to show subtle branding, to reinforce the promotional aspects of the video.

The best Spray Tan video on the web?

In the short time since the Sunjunkie spray-tan video has been online, it has had over 350,000 views, that’s potentially 350,000 new customers being exposed to the Sunjunkie brand. Some of those viewers will be interested in how to apply a spray tan, others will want to buy spray tan products, and know where they can buy these products.

Front of the body being sprayed
Front of the body being sprayed

The key benefits for Sunjunkie

  • 350,000 view of their core products
  • Complemented their branding
  • Delivered on the core objectives
  • Used to great success at trade-shows
  • Versatile video to be used on numerous promotional platforms
Back of legs being spray tanned
Back of legs being spray tanned

As mentioned previously, these types of video are a great way to interact with potential customers and to reinforce your company’s message to existing customers. With the viewers ability to share and comment, it has allowed Sunjunkie to interact with their customer base in ways that were not possible before.

Sunjunkie  have really embraced video promotion and have continued to add videos to their website. They have now, through their bank of videos had in excess of 400,000 views. Each view is a potential new customer.

If you would like to find out more about product demonstration videos then please visit our product demonstration page or call a member of the team on 0161 477 2404.

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