“The Low-down!”

Vivid might be a bit biased, but we believe that there is no better way to demonstrate your products benefits and features than by using a product demonstration video. We have used this example before but imagine you are going to buy a new hedge trimmer. You go onto website A and they have a few product images and a technical spec. On website B, they have a video that quickly demonstrates all the features of the product and the actual product in action showing how easy it is to use, storage, start up etc. With the price/delivery being the same, what website would you buy from? I think we all know the answer. Now imagine that website B has a series of videos that explains numerous aspects of the video or has actual customer video reviews. This will further confirm your buying decision is correct as you have pre/post purchase guides/help should you require them. Website B owners are using videos in the perfect way, providing a comprehensive reference point for their product and in turn answering questions that might pop up and hinder the buying process if not answered.

Sunjunkie How to apply a spray tan, full length shot

Sunjunkie How to apply a spray tan, full length shot

Demonstrate Key Features

Rather than telling people about your products, it is much better to show them in the form of a well-polished video that will:

  • Show your product in the best possible light
  • Demonstrate the key features
  • Increase the customers understanding of the product
  • Lead to a greater level of sales conversions.

Communicate the features and benefits of your product

Filmed in your products natural environment or at Vivid’s Stockport studio, our Product Demonstration video production service will perfectly illustrate all the benefits and features of your unique product. Below is a breakdown of a few of the more pertinent benefits.

Product placement – numbers add up

The product demonstration video will sit perfectly on your website’s sales platform (your product page for example) and will provide the perfect sales tool. Kissmetrics state that having an accompanying product video will increase sales conversion by 64-86%. Potential customers who who have watched a video are twice more likely to stay on the website than those who don’t see a video. But what about customers who have not visited your website. Well there is the small but expanding website called YouTube, watch out for this one it is going to be big, Vivid predict. Using a video hosting site like YouTube (there are a multitude of other ones) allows potential customers to be pulled towards your website. From just the simple concept of customers seeing your video and finding your website to actually being allowed to link out of the video directly to the sales page.  Having a video uploaded to YouTube can help clients get the most out of their purchases by producing professional videos to show the new customer how to get the best out of their recently purchased product or services. This will continue the sales process even when you are asleep and at no extra cost. Also YouTube is not the only video platform, for no additional cost, you can have you video on 10 other video sites, all pushing customers back to your website.


Product Demonstration videos can serve as an online infomercial – the perfect extended sales pitch. This sales tool does not finish at 5pm but is 24 hours everyday of the year. Not only will the video showcase your product, it will also position you as an expert in your field and therefore gain the trust of anyone watching, helping convert their interest to sales. Once created your video will have the longevity to last as long as your product does.

Close-up of G-Meter+ by Turnkey Instruments

Close-up of G-Meter+ by Turnkey Instruments

Worldwide coverage

There are no geographical boundaries to video promotion. We have numerous clients come to us trying to sell their products to the world but struggle. The answer is simple, produce one video and then either subtitle or provide a new voiceover for any countries/languages you are selling into. Simple. This will remove the cost and time taken to visit the countries and provide an unified understanding of the product no matter where the customers are.

Polti Youtube Channel showing different languages used

Polti Youtube Channel showing different languages used

You can simply email the link to a potential client or agency anywhere in the world and they will get the full personal demonstration right there in front of them, wherever they are. With the advent of smart phones and tablets this means that they could be watching it anywhere, from a cafe in Cairo to a restaurant in Rio…It is that flexible…

BiSn Bulk Head 3D animation

BiSn Bulk Head 3D animation

Promotional Flexibility

Like all video types, product demonstration videos has the benefit of a high level of flexibility when it comes to promoting your product/service. There are so many online and off platforms that the video can be placed onto (for little to mostly no money) to the point where it can be sent directly to a potential customers phone screen. Are you channelling the power of YouTube? YouTube is just one aspect of the whole spectrum of video promotion. Don’t just take vivid’s word for it there a multitude of articles all extolling the benefits of video promotion like this one from WP Gurus or this great article from 


We are here to help, if you would like to view our product demonstration production page or read more of Vivid’s blog about product demonstrations please click on the link. Alternatively, please call a member of the Vivid team to discuss any questions or ideas in greater depth on 0161 477 2404.