“The low-down!”

Presenter videos provide your company with a face and can also convey pertinent information in a quick and effective manner. This is imperative in today’s buyers’ search behaviour where the average website has only 8 seconds to keep potential customers interested. It’s a great way of creating a video presence on your website and on sites such as YouTube.

Boots Presenter Video

Boots Presenter Video

The benefits of a presenter video

There are many businesses that would benefit from using a studio presenter video, from simply having a presenter introduce your business to providing step-by-step guides to get your potential customer quickly to where they they need to be to make a purchase decision.

Who presents the video? You decide. As the face of your business you may choose to present it yourself, or maybe a key member of your team might be a natural in front of the camera. On the other hand you may want to leave it to a professional and have one of our many presenters, present for you. You know your business and it’s messages better than anyone and feel this approach the best solution to delivering the message, or you may feel that a professional presenter will be able provide the best delivery of the message. There is no right or wrong answer and at Vivid we will help you make the correct decision.

Cost effective price

Because of their relative simplicity, a studio presenter video would suit any marketing budget. Filmed in front of a green screen if required and then seamlessly placed on any page of your website, a web presenter can guide potential clients through your website, ensuring that they are getting the most out of each visit. As a web presenter video is usually shot in front of a green screen. This means that we can replace the background with anything you like. It might be decided that the website itself is the background, or alternatively a animation or video could be added suited to the company’s brand.

Client Example

Vivid produced an extensive range of presenter videos for our key client, thinkmoney. With these videos, the customer is helped through every stage of the process,. They always have a reference to view to make sure they are on the right track. As you can see below every potential question a customer might have is answered in this quick and too the point informative video series.

Present videos on the thinkmoney site

A small sample of presenter videos on the thinkmoney site

As you can see they include the videos series alongside their help/support and contact numbers option, showing the importance they place on the presenter videos. Any video used will of course reduce the cost of help and support being contacted.

Showing the importance of videos for their customers assistance

Showing the importance of videos for their customers assistance

This is a perfect example of a business leveraging presenter video to not only help their customers but to reduce the cost of the help and support team. For a more in-depth guide to this please view our thinkmoney presenter blog on this subject.

What can Vivid do for you?

What Vivid Photo Visual provide:

  • Comprehensive consultation of your business, ascertaining the key business/promotional objectives of video
  • Script writing/Filming/Editing/Output
  • Bespoke graphics/animation/additional filming that complement your company’s message
  • Promotional strategy to get the most exposure for the video.

Our Manchester Studio

We film in our fully equipped and green screen enabled video studio based near Manchester. This allows for tailored animated graphics to be added if required to your final video at the post-production stage. We’ll incorporate your provided company logo and even a call to action, so potential clients will know exactly what to do next.

As with all our Videos, if required Vivid on your behalf will upload your video through multiple on-line channels. This will help gain maximum exposure, increasing your SEO and therefore driving more traffic to your website.

If you would like more information about our presenter video service, please view our presenter video production page or to find more blogs to view please our presenter video blog page or our video promotion blog page. Of course, you can speak to a member of the Vivid team on 0161 477 2404 to discuss any questions or ideas you may have.