Jahan Indian Restaurant Presenter Video

Indian food cooked with passion and served with flair

The Jahan Group is a North West based company producing the best Indian cuisine in Liverpool, Lymm, Warrington and the surrounding areas. Jahan wanted a  presenter video that could be used on their website and also as a promotional tool through various other on and off-line channels.

Jahan Restaurant
Jahan Restaurant

Vivid visited all their restaurants to capture a variety of footage to be used in the final edit. Instead of the more traditional voice over it was decided that we would use a presenter to give a face to the video. A call to action was created that complimented their website to positioned at the end of the video.

Presenter videos enhances your company image

The key element in any video promotion is the quality and feel of the footage. In fact it’s fair to say inferior quality video actually drives customers away, as their perception is that the products offered are of a similar quality. Vivid excels, in producing films that are of the highest production values, therefore adding value to your brand. The Jahan restaurant offers exceptional service, family friendly surroundings and fine cuisine, and the video we produced needed to capture all these elements.

Jahan Restaurant presenter
Jahan Restaurant presenter

Working with the client, we produced a script that encapsulated all aspects of this thriving business. We spent a few days filming different occasions at a number of the restaurants and then filmed the presenter to tie in all elements of the video.

Jahan now have a video that really show off the quality of food and service that they offer to all their customers and at the same showcasing the restaurants themselves. We produced two edits of the video so that they could be used in different capacities.

Jahan Restaurant waitress
Jahan Restaurant waitress

Benefits of presenter video for Jahan Restaurants

The benefits of the presenter video to the client:

  • High quality promotional video
  • Showcase the quality and feel of the restaurants
  • Presenter gives a personal feel to the video
  • Once produced it can be uploaded to many promotional channels
Jahan Restaurant fire artist
Jahan Restaurant fire artist

Jahan is a fine series of Indian restaurants and it was a joy to work with their team. Vivid feel that the ethos and the high standards of the restaurant were really captured in the series of videos we produced.

If you would like to find out more about our presenter video production, please visit our website’s presenter video page. We have produced a number of blogs on the subject, so please click on our presenter video blog page for more stories. You can call a member of the Vivid team anytime to discuss your ideas or questions in more detail on 0161 477 2404.

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