“How to presenter video series!”

Boots Presenter Video

Vivid Photo Visual were really pleased when we were contacted by such a reputable high street name like Boots to produce a series of video for their YouTube Channel and website. They wanted to produce videos that would help both existing and future customers with the maintenance of their Hearing Aids.

The Shoot

While these video had to have a quality look and feel to them, it was more important to provide them in an easy to understand format so that the maximum informational benefit could be achieved.

Working closely with the client and the Marketing team we researched a lot of other “how to” videos and across the board they were of a poor quality. This would obviously not be suitable quality to fit in with the Boots brand. When we were designing the set in our studio, we didn’t want to over clutter the videos and therefore went for a simple white table against a white background, giving a professional, clean and slightly clinical feel. A perfect for their brand and products.

Karen Shepherd appearing on Boot's hearingcare product web video by Vivid Photo Visual

Karen Shepherd appearing on Boot’s hearingcare web video by Vivid Photo Visual

Karen Shepard, a Hearing Aid Audiologist, was the person chosen to provide the instruction for the video and it was brilliant to work with someone who was so confident and assured in front of the video cameras. This was complemented by her expert knowledge within the industry.

How To Videos

A how to video is where a presenter (normally) instructs the viewer on the steps necessary to achieve their objective. The presenter will break down each stage and this will allow for the viewer to get an understanding of the process. How to videos should be an extremely important part of a company’s promotional strategy. Not only do these videos have a practical application to them but they also position the creator as an authority on the subject. Furthermore they can attract a potential customer to the product or bestow confidence in existing customers that the business is taking care of the future.

Benefits of Boots’ Presenter Videos

The benefits of these videos for Boots are:

  1. They provide Boot’s customers with a greater level of service and product understanding
  2. They explain the products in an easy to understand fashion
  3. Videos are a great reference for Boot’s customers
  4. Allows for numerous promotional opportunities for the video series
  5. Boots demonstrates their position as an expert in their industry.


It was great to work with a company that is really embracing the numerous benefits of video promotion and provides videos that really enriches their clients use of their products. By using a presenter video they are reassuring their customers about their products. We look forward to working with them in the future.

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