“Trick coffee cup!”

Well excitement fell over the Vivid Photo Visual studio today, with the arrival of a new piece of equipment for Graham. A couple of things for those that don’t know me too well. I’m always buying equipment, mainly Canon, and I love a good cup of tea…or if Glen is making it, just a cup of tea!

So what way could I possibly combine 2 of my passions?

For those of you familiar with Canon L series lenses, you may well be looking at the photo above and thinking, yep a pretty average photo of Canon 24-105mm F4 IS lens! Well let me stop you there Sherlock! And for those Miss Marple’s amongst you, well spotted, the chrome filter thread!

Surely not a special edition Canon lens made only for Graham? No…….it’s a mug! How cool is that? A Canon 24-105mm IS Mug. So the first thing to do…. ‘Glen pop the kettle on mate’

A not so great cup of tea, in a great mug.

Technical Specs

Just to give you the technical specs of my newly purchased mug; it’s a life-size replica of the 24-105mm and even comes with a lens cap to keep your brew warm for longer! What more could you want?

So time for a quick break and an almost enjoyable cup of Glen’s tea.

Probably the coolest mug in the world!

Where can I get this Amazing Photography Mug?

And where did I get my great mug? Well my mate Paddy buys genuine Canon 24-105mm IS lenses and scoops the middle out. He sells them for about £15. You better get one fast because I don’t think he’ll be in business much longer! Actually it is better to click on the following link to Amazon selling the mug.

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