• 2.3.1 Spaans Babcock

    Product demonstration video Vivid Photo Visual

  • 2.3.1 Spaans Babcock

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    Eureka! Filming the Archimedean screw

    Spaans Babcock has over a hundred years of experience in designing and building water and wastewater treatment equipment. They wanted a video to showcase the Hydro Power Plant arm of their company. Spaans wanted to show their latest examples of Archimedean screw generators to potential clients; the trouble was these latest marvels of engineering were in Scheibbs, Austria and Somerset, England.

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  • 2.3.1 Spaans Babcock

    Vivid Photo Visual

    /// High quality finish to the video
    /// Collection of videos and case studies
    /// Centre piece of tradeshow stand
    /// Multi-language edits targeting European customers
    /// On-line presence

  • 2.3.1 Spaans Babcock

    Vivid Photo Visual


    Creating films was the perfect option, we brought the riverbanks of Austria and Somerset to every potential client wherever they are in the World. They also wanted a state-of-the-art 3D graphical breakdown of the screw generator with accompanying voice over to explain step-by-step the intricacies of the hydropower generator.

    Vivid advised that 4 separate videos were to be created, 2 location case studies, a 3D graphical animation video and a overall company profile video encompassing all aspects of the project. From one potential video Spaans Babcock, received 4 different videos that could be used to promote the different core areas of the business.

    Bringing a complex project together

    This was a complex video commission, not only due to the number of different locations but also because of the high quality animation that was required. Working from CAD's of the actual parts used in the hydro power plant, Vivid created a fully functioning 3D model that blended seamlessly with the video footage taken.

    Surpassing expectations

    Working closely with Spaans Babcock UK and Europe, Vivid managed to produce the level of quality Spaans were looking for. We produced 4 distinct videos that could be played separately or as one overall company video. The obvious place to view the video was on their website, but it has also been used to great effect at the numerous tradeshows all around the world.

    Spaans were so happy with it they asked us to convert the films into French and German so that they could expand its use and attract extra markets. This form of International marketing has a very small investment compared to the reach the updated language films have. The case studies produced explain how Spaans Babcock would produce your hydro plant, together with video testimonials from the owners of the generators, providing a powerful and persuasive argument for any prospective customer.

    What the client received

    The Benefits of these Videos:

    • 4 Distinct Videos
    • 2 Case Studies
    • High quality Animation
    • Numerous promotional applications
    • Dynamic and exciting addition to the website

    Please view our video to see a more detailed analysis of the numerous benefits of Product Demonstration videos. If you would like to contact a member of the Vivid team, please call 0161 477 2404 or fill out the enquiry form at the top.